OSCP Week 12

I started with the PWK course to go for my OSCP. This series documents my progress. I hope to give some insight into the brutal proces and examn that goes into obtaining the coveted certificate.

In this post

-  The extended network
-  Setting up SSH tunnels
-  Progress this week

The extended network

The actual OSCP network has been described on the course website here. These various networks are connected in various ways through the Lab. I had already made my way into the IT network earlier, this week I moved into the Admin and Dev networks.


Ways to setup tunnels

One thing you run into is the means to setup tunnels between the networks. There are various resources (besides the lab materials) that I used for this:

Setting up proxychains tunnels:

Tunneling HTTP traffic:


The total time is now 11198 minutes, or 186.6 hours. Up 1333 minutes from last week. This makes it the 2nd largest week for me!

I went through a lot of machines this week, a total of 11 of which I rooted 8.

Machine Time
Machine 34 [O] 2:00
Machine 35 1:00
Machine 36 [O] 1:45
Machine 37 4:00
Machine 38 [O] 2:00
Machine 20 [O] 0:30
Machine 39 [O] 2:16
Machine 40 [O] 3:35
Machine 41 [O] 1:00
Machine 42 [O] 3:16
Machine 43 0:51

Below is the weekly graph again. I have until Friday to make good use of my lab, at 2am on Saturday my time is up! So that is another 4 days I can effectively spend on the course (Monday through Thursday).

So it seems I will end my study time with about 200 hours under my belt.


Next week

So I will finish up my lab report and probably work on some Windows machines still. The Post exploitation process on Linux I have down pretty good, the proces on Windows is a little bit troublesome still. I have various scripts that I use and they require some cleaning up before the exam I think.