OSCP Week 13

I started with the PWK course to go for my OSCP. This series documents my progress. I hope to give some insight into the brutal proces and examn that goes into obtaining the coveted certificate.

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-  All done!
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All done!

90 days, 203 hours, of study and that part of OSCP is over! I attacked 44 machines and wrote a 300+ pages of lab report, but now it is all done.

In my last week I worked on getting the lab report in shape to hand it in. Discussing it with other students some feel that you will never actually need the lab report, either you will have enough points or nowhere near enough. This train of throught means the lab report is useless when it comes to the bottom line.

I personally feel that the lab report teaches you to 1) write a decent report, 2) solidifies the knowledge from the course materials and most importantly 3) gives you the mental happiness that you probably have 5 more points. I like being mentally happy.

Now that the course is over I suddenly have a lot of free time. I already looked at several online services that allow for a form of Capture the Flag so that I can continue working on these types of problems after the course. For now it seems Hack The Box is the go to place.


The total time spent on the course has bee 12177 minutes, or 202.9 hours.

Below is the final weekly graph. If I make the exam this Thursday I will do a more thorough breakdown of the statistics and maybe even a video on my YouTube channel.


Next week

Exam time! How exciting is that? On Thursday my exam starts at 9 am CET. I have no clear idea how I will do, I do think I practiced all the avenues in the lab environment, so I am confident that way. But the OSCP guys are known to bring in something different from time to time. So let's see what happens.