x86 Instruction Set Reference


Invalidate TLB Entry

Opcode Mnemonic Description
0F 01/7 INVLPG m Invalidate TLB Entry for page that contains m.

Invalidates (flushes) the translation lookaside buffer (TLB) entry specified with the source operand. The source operand is a memory address. The processor determines the page that contains that address and flushes the TLB entry for that page.

The INVLPG instruction is a privileged instruction. When the processor is running in protected mode, the CPL of a program or procedure must be 0 to execute this instruction.

The INVLPG instruction normally flushes the TLB entry only for the specified page; however, in some cases, it flushes the entire TLB. See "MOV-Move to/from Control Registers" in this chapter for further information on operations that flush the TLB.

Flags affected


IA-32 Architecture Compatibility

The INVLPG instruction is implementation dependent, and its function may be implemented differently on different families of IA-32 processors. This instruction is not supported on IA-32 processors earlier than the Intel486 processor.

Protected Mode Exceptions
#GP(0)If the current privilege level is not 0.
#GP(0)If the current privilege level is not 0.
Real-Address Mode Exceptions
#UDOperand is a register.
Virtual-8086 Mode Exceptions
#GP(0)The INVLPG instruction cannot be executed at the virtual-8086 mode.