x86 Instruction Set Reference


Extract Packed Single-Precision Floating-Point Sign Mask

Opcode Mnemonic Description
0F 50 /r MOVMSKPS r32, xmm Extract 4-bit sign mask of from xmm and store in r32.

Extracts the sign bits from the packed single-precision floating-point values in the source operand (second operand), formats them into a 4-bit mask, and stores the mask in the destination operand (first operand). The source operand is an XMM register, and the destination operand is a general-purpose register. The mask is stored in the 4 low-order bits of the destination operand.

Destination[0] = Source[31];
Destination[1] = Source[63];
Destination[2] = Source[95];
Destination[3] = Source[127];
Destination[4..31] = 0;
SIMD Floating-Point Exceptions
Protected Mode Exceptions
#NMIf TS in CR0 is set.
#NMIf TS in CR0 is set.
Real-Address Mode Exceptions
Same exceptions as in Protected Mode
Virtual-8086 Mode Exceptions
Same exceptions as in Protected Mode.
Instruction Latency Throughput Execution Unit
MOVMSKPS r32, xmm6/62/2FP_MISC