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Thank you for stopping by. If you came here through a search engine you probably were looking for things related to Programming, Cyber Security, GNU Emacs.

A lot has changed since I first started this site. When I started it I was doing live coding streams on YouTube. It has been some time since I have done one last though. Currently I am focusing on independent Security Research and education in the field of Cyber Security.

I strongly believe that from the information security work field we should educate other professionals to apply security best practices in their daily work. For most people security is secondary to getting the job done, so awareness is key!

Sticking to my own principles I started teaching at several Universities. I focus on Information Security, Privacy and Offensive Tactics and Techniques.

Below you can find projects I am working on, and longer form articles (or series of articles).

Advent of Code

For 2020 I set myself the goal to complete all of the Advent of Code puzzles before the 2020 series starts. That means making 125 puzzles before December and another 25 during December itself for a total of 150 puzzles.

Read all about the puzzles and the solutions on the Advent of Code page.

Other Series

A collection of multiple articles centered around a main topic. I write these to share my experiences. They can cover anything from certification studies to Reverse Engineering or the use of the world's most awesome tools.

My OSCP journey
This is about my journey to become OSCP certified
Write-ups of various hacking challenges


Current Projects

The projects I am currently spending my time on. These pages are updated quite frequently as they also are my notebook on the subject. I tend to keep extensive notes on my projects.

Linux on the Dell XPS 13
For my new job I had the chance to order a new laptop. Up to now I always used MacBook Pro laptops, ever since switching to them in 2006. But my love for Linux made me choose something else. Read about my experiences.
Reverse Engineering
If you are curious as to how software works you might like to pick up reverse engineering as a hobby.
GNU Emacs (project page)
I have been using GNU Emacs since 2000, making it one of the tools that has stuck with me for the longest (only exceeded by Java and the JVM).
Linux on the desktop
I have been running Linux full-time on my main workstation. Read about the things I run into, how I fix them and what works (and what not).

Older Projects

These are somewhat older, perhaps even outdated, projects.

Linux on a MacBook Pro
getting Arch Linux running on a MacBook Pro is anything but simple. I documented all the steps required.
Live Coding
I started my YouTube channel with a series of live coding episodes where I would work on Clojure applications together with the audience. I have not done any live coding in a while now,so I consider this project as stuck.